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Why Choose Aplha Miles?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose the Alphamiles app.

Monthly Subscriptions

We provide your company with a dedicated delivery agent. They can cater to your customers without any delays. The monthly plan is an economical option for small business.

On Demand Subscriptions

Discover unparalleled adaptability through our On-Demand Subscription offerings. Whether catering to sporadic requirements or seeking to trial our services pre-monthly commitment, our on-demand choice delivers.

Managed Web Application

Our platform ensures a smooth user experience. From impeccable performance to cross-device compatibility, our solution empowers effective collaboration. Experience the future of web applications with us.

Easy to Use App

Experience the simplicity of our user-friendly application. Designed with you in mind, our Easy to Use App streamlines tasks and enhances productivity. Navigate effortlessly through intuitive interfaces, making complex actions feel natural.

Who Are We?

We are a dedicated delivery company, committed to providing seamless transportation solutions. Our core principle revolves around efficient service, exemplified by our dual offerings: monthly subscription plans and on-demand rides.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive impeccable service. With a mission to simplify your transportation needs and uphold the highest values in the industry, we navigate the realm of delivery with finesse and precision.

Our Mission

Committed to transforming transport with outstanding delivery. Our mission ensures seamless, dependable experiences. Monthly subscriptions and on-demand rides boost accessibility, linking people and places efficiently for enhanced convenience in transportation solutions.

Our Values

Our operations center on steadfast values. Prioritizing efficiency, timely precision, and reliability in every delivery. Driven by innovation, we exceed transportation boundaries. Customer happiness is paramount; open communication fosters relationships. These values lead us in delivering excellence.

Our Pricing

We offer great prices, premium and quality products for your business.

Basic plan
AED 3800 / Monthly
Standard Plan
AED 4300 / Monthly
Premium Plan
AED 4500 / Monthly
Instant Plan
Starting AED 7.5/ Order
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Our Clients

Trusted by over 300+ clients

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is our major goal. See what our customers are saying about us.

"At AL KALHA, we take immense pride in crafting exquisite flavors . When paired with Alpha Miles Delivery Services, our culinary masterpieces are delivered with utmost care, ensuring that our patrons experience the same delight at their doorstep as they would in our restaurant."


"BABA GHANOUG has always been dedicated to bringing the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine to our customers' plates. With Alpha Miles Delivery Services, this mission has been elevated. Our patrons can now relish the rich flavors and authentic taste of our dishes, no matter where they are."


"At BAHA, we believe that our dishes tell a story of culture and taste. Alpha Miles Delivery Services shares this commitment by delivering our creations with the same passion. Through their reliable service, our patrons can enjoy a culinary journey from our kitchen to their tables."


"KUNAFAT DOMA is synonymous with delightful desserts that capture the essence of sweet moments. With the support of Alpha Miles Delivery Services, our confections are delivered promptly, allowing our customers to savor the magic of our desserts in the comfort of their homes."


"Ameer Elsham is an experience of gourmet excellence. With the partnership of Alpha Miles Delivery Services, this experience is extended beyond our dining space. Our patrons can now enjoy the same sophistication and taste of our dishes, conveniently delivered to their doorsteps."


"At Pure Food Supermarket, quality and freshness are our top priorities. Alpha Miles Delivery Services shares these values, ensuring that our premium products reach our customers intact and in a timely manner. Together, we bring the essence of the market directly to their homes."


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